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Product name: Multi-Currency Mix value counter(New
Item No.:DP-7218E
Features & Functions:
  1. Can discriminate the denomination by CIS and detect very good quality counterfeits.
  2. Multiple currencies detecting capability, can be configured up to 18 currencies.
  3. Transferring image of serial number to PC and printing serial number of banknotes.
  4. Mix/Sort/Count modes available, easy operation.
  5. IR, UV, MG, MT, CIS detecting function.
  6. Back cover can be opened, Easy access note transport path, for better maintenance and jam removing.
  7. Easy upgrade via USB port or SD card for new issues or software upgrade.
  8. Available currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, CNY, BRL, INR and other local currency all over the world.
1.       Counting Speed:800,1000,1500 notes/min
2.       Hopper Capacity: 300 notes
3.       Stacker Capacity: 200 notes
4.       Counting Note size:Length: 120-187mm,
Width:  50-85mm,
Thickness: 0.075-0.15mm.
5.       Power Supply: AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
6.       Power Consumption: <60W
7.       Dimensions:  271(L)×254(W)×284(H)mm
8.       Weight: 7.50KGS
Packing Details:   
Carton size:38.5x35.8x40.5cm

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