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multifunction mini Money detector with printer
Features & Functions:
Any direction and any side of note can be read, easy to operate
*Up to 8 currencies detected at the same time:
Euro,US Dollar,British Pound,Russian Ruble,Turkish Lira,Canadian
Dollar,Swedish Krona,Switzerland Franc,Chinese RMB,Brazilian
Real etc.
*High Accuracy and complex inspection: quantity and position of
magnetic ink,Infra-red ink, Spectrum ink, Secure thread, Image
printing process etc.
*High speed: <0.5 second/sheet
*List of detected pieces denomination.
*Rechargeable battery inside for portable usage (optional), provide
more than 24 hours standby time.
*OCR function: Serial number of banknote can be printed(optional)
*Support RS-232 or USB interface to download software.
*Big LCD display and touch screen control panel to provide friendly user interface.
Net weight:1.05kg (with battery)
Power supply: 100~240V AC/12V DC adaptor or battery
Power consumption: < 10W
Battery capacity: 10.8V 1200mAh
Professional Multi counterfeit money detector with Big LCD display 

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